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Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions

Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions Picture Box
At Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions in Gold Coast Hwy Broadbeach (The Meriton Building), Queensland we offer high quality hair extensions with the beauty one would expect from such notables as Jadore and L’Oréal. In business since 2007, we have three convenient locations in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne areas. Unlike many, we specialize in hair extensions and are the go-to pros in the business. Our hair services are varied and include Micro Bead, Tape, Weft, and Premium Clip hair extensions. So, whether it’s for that special wedding or a general hair improvement, we can make that hair you’ve always wanted happen. Please visit our website for our FAQs, gallery, testimonials, blog and more. Don’t wait any further, give us a call at 1300-181-00.

Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions

Gold Coast Salon, Shop 11, 2669 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach (The Meriton Building), Queensland

+61 1300 181 000


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